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The MiniGame Music Pack is a small, clean, and varied music pack that has a selection of tunes to fit your project. These tunes are ideal for small minigames or party style games.

Let me know what you're up to by tweeting me @JDSherbert_

What's in the box?

There are 10 ROYALTY FREE songs in this pack:

  • 🎻 A Minor Distraction (Orchestral theme with a nice build up.)
  • 🌴 Beach Vibes (Clean guitar with nice bass and chords.)
  • 🀄️ Blackjack (Smoother, jazzier bass and kits.)
  • 💠 Corrupted Circuitry (Dubstep-style, dark, hacking theme.)
  • 〰️ Digital Waves (Clean, Mario-style tune.)
  • ⚡️ Electric Eel Fishing (Dark, bass heavy theme for caves and fishing.)
  • ⛅️ Refreshing Dawn (Chillstep-style theme, very clean and full of energy.)
  • 🚗 Smooth Driving (Chilled out puzzle or driving theme.)
  • 💡 Streetlights (Energetic night platformer theme)
  • 🛕 Temple Puzzle (Ancient, intense theme with dark, eastern overtones.)

Technical Information

Audio File Types:  

  • .wav
  • .ogg
  • .mp3
  • .m4a

Sample rate: 44100Hz

Bit depth: 16-bit

Loopable: Yes

Additional: Stereo

Files Provided: 40

Package Size: ~381MB

Supported Platforms:

  • Any Operating System
  • Unity Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Godot
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • RPG Maker (All Versions)
  • RPG Paper Maker


The music was produced using FL Studio 20.7 (Producer Edition).

These packs are picked by the members of my Discord Community.
Feel free to join in the fun and cast a vote for what you'd like to see next!

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JDSherbert - Minigame Music Pack [FREE].zip 350 MB
LICENSE.txt 545 bytes


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Hello JD me again, I'm creating a new YouTube channel, and want to use this track JDSherbert - Nostalgia Music Pack - Saturday Morning Cartoons for my intro video if that's ok with you? I will obviously add the credits to your music in the video description.

Let me know if you have any comments about this.

Thanks :)

hi dmend!

That's absolutely fine! Thank you very much :D


Excellent assets. I used it to make a match 3 game. Take a look at it https://sessokosga.itch.io/cutie-tutti-frutti

Nice! Really glad it came in useful! Great work!


Hi, JDSherbert

Recently, we launched a crowdfunding campaign for the World Community Game project on Kickstarter! If this project is successful, we plan to give back by redistributing the usage fees for the creations!


Hi yuss!

Oh that's awesome! Good luck, I can't wait to see how it turns out!


Thank you very much! I will do my best!


Hi JDSherbert,

I used sounds from this sound pack in another game this time as well!


Hey yuss!

Awesome! Glad it came in handy, thanks for letting me know!


Nice to meet you! This time, I had the pleasure of using the MINIGAME MUSIC PACK sound resources to create a game. Details about the game I created are available on my note page.


Please note that the article is in Japanese.

If you do not understand Japanese, kindly use translation software to read it.

I do not distribute the game, including on our official website or any game sales platforms. If you would like to play the game yourself or have any other inquiries, please notify me through direct messages on any of the following social media platforms, and I will provide you with the download URL.







*Currently, the output is only compatible with game apps for windows, so the playing environment is limited to windows.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for allowing me to use these wonderful illustrations. Thank you very much.


Hi yuss!
No problem! I am really happy they were useful to you!
Keep on creating, and thank you for the kind words!


Hi JDSherbert!

Thank you for your thoughtful response and follow-up! 

Yes, I appreciate it, and I plan to continue using JDSherbert's sound in the future. Let's continue to enjoy our creative activities together!


Your music fitted nicely to our team's Finnish Game Jam's life simulation game, so wanted to share that info with you. ^^


(1 edit) (+1)

Hey awesome! Glad it came in useful - great work!


I used some music from this pack in my Bigmode game jam submission a while ago (forgot to post this haha), and it was awesome, thank you so much! https://lokbok.itch.io/difficulty-mode


Hi Lokbok!

Really glad the music came in handy! Awesome work!


I used your music for my submission to the Trijam #252 last week.
It perfectly matches what I searched, an urban ambience :)

Hey that's awesome! Thanks for letting me know, I am so glad it came in handy!


JDSherbert!! Guess What, we are now live on the Play Store!! and there are Leaderboards too!! Thank you for the wonderful music!!


Awesome! That's great news! Glad to help!


Hi there! I used your music for my game! Don't worry you're credited. You can check it out if you want https://avocado-games1.itch.io/barrys-battle-bar

Hey Avocado!

Awesome! Thank you so much - I am so glad the music pack came in useful!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, just wanted to let you know we used corrupted circuitry for our game jam because it was great. We credited you on the page.


Let us know what you think.

Great music btw, I'll return in the future to see what new stuff you have as I keep developing.

Hey Echofiend!

That's awesome! Glad it came in handy, and thank you for the credit! I love seeing what people make with these packs!


license to use ? videogame commercial?

Hi Carlosalf1997! A license is included with the files, which is commercial and non-commercial! If you are ever in any doubt you can also refer to the terms page.



Hey, this is an incredible sound pack, thank you so much for releasing it like this!

I included it in my little mini game:


Awesome stuff! Glad it came in handy :D


Damn man. I came here for music for the game I'm maiking for a Jam and end up with some nice playlist for working on it too jaja. Thanks for this.


Very glad to be of service to you today! I hope your jam project goes well - make sure to show me when it's all done :D 


Hey man here's the link to the game https://dmend.itch.io/bellboy-save-the-balls



this is really cool

i have never actually made a game but i am learning


Thanks! Hope it comes in useful!



No worries! Have fun, I hope it comes in useful for you!


Cool pack though I feel a bit of a grey background be nice for the Page, to avoid getting flash Banged :D  2:15 Is my Favourite, if I ever make an elevator ride game that is for sure what I will go for.

Awesome! Look forward to seeing what you make!


This is so relaxing


Thanks! I am so glad - perfect for chilling out with minigames :D