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The Ambiences Music Pack is a versatile, high quality sound pack that has a selection of environmental foley recordings coupled with musical loops and accompaniments to fit your project.

I put a lot of effort into creating this pack, and I hope it will benefit your films, games, animations, or any other audio-visual projects.

Let me know what you're up to by tweeting me @JDSherbert_

What's in the box?

There are 10 ROYALTY FREE songs in this pack:

  • πŸ€ Bloodrat Sewers (Dark ambience of a sewer in Oxford with rats.)
  • 🌌 Cosmic Star (Ethereal, procedural piece with strings and bass tones)
  • πŸŒ™ Dark Dark Woods (Foreboding dark strings and some owl foley!)
  • 🌡 Desert Sirocco (Ash Shalfa desert winds and a string ostinato)
  • πŸ—» Frost Mountain Aura (Procedural, haunting piece, wind from cliffsides)
  • 🚏 Junction Jazz (Busy traffic from Birmingham with fast jazz notes.)
  • πŸŽ‹ Swamp of Digeridoos (Needed an excuse to use a digeridoo. Leave me alone!)
  • 🍻 The Blackpenny Pub (Ambience from my local with a plucked ostinato.)
  • πŸ… Tiger Temple Trial (Energetic and upbeat jungle ambience with percs)
  • 🌊 Underwater City (Underwater in a lake, lots of percs and reverb.)

Technical Information

Audio File Types:  

  • .wav
  • .ogg
  • .mp3
  • .m4a

Sample rate: 44100Hz

Bit depth: 16-bit

Loopable: Yes

Additional: Stereo

Files Provided: 40

Package Size: ~167MB

Supported Platforms:

  • Any Operating System
  • Unity Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Godot
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • RPG Maker (All Versions)
  • RPG Paper Maker


Produced using FL Studio 20.8 (Producer Edition).

These music packs are picked by the members of my Discord Community
Feel free to join in the fun and cast a vote for what you'd like to see next!

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Made withUnreal Engine, RPG Maker, GameMaker, FL Studio, Unity, Audacity, Godot
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very good, I really loved it, thank you

Really glad! Hope it comes in useful for you :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Man these are so GOOD i love them, im not really doing a project atm (im a begginner) but I just wanted to comment I’ll be using this as bg music while I draw/work. I love ambience music and yours is amazing!!! ⸜(q˃ α΅• Λ‚ )⸝♑

Hey Chocomin_nwn!

Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm glad you like them! 
I have more music you can listen to for free on my youtube channel, here:

I hope it helps you with your work/study/relaxation :D


I enjoyed using this music pack in my trailer for my game, Coin Collector at https://phillipsen.itch.io/coincollector . The ambient music was really wat I needed for my trailer. and I would like to ask if attribution is correct in the description for the game and the YouTube trailer description?

Hi Phillip!

As long as you put "JDSherbert" somewhere in your project credits, you're all good!
I'm so happy this pack came in useful for your work!

Thanks JDSherbert for replying and following me, the sound pack was only used inside of the trailer not the actual game. Should I still put, "JDSherbert" Inside of the project credits?

Hey Phillip! 

Up to you! If my music's not there in the project then it doesn't make much sense, but for the trailer you can put me in the video description if you like :D


Really nice! And I really could use these for some of the 'fields' I have in mind for my project!


Anytime! Glad it is coming in useful!


Nice, 3 stars

Thank you very much! Hope it comes in handy!


I can use and I can sell my game on EpicStore or itch.io or steam or any site use your ambients? Of course I give you credit. I promise you

please forgive me. I am really so sorry... Its Your Original Work (Please don't think bad Idea I am afraid for copyrights)?

(1 edit)

All original! License is royalty free, just give credit! You can distribute your game however you see fit on any store you like!


Thank you so much! I wish you GOOD LUCK!

You awesome person

I promise you I give you credit and supported you 


Downloaded, and High quality BGM as always~


Thank you so much! Hope it comes in handy!


Really high quality dark and foreboding ambiance loops for locations across the globe, 10/10 made me want to start working on my shelved adventure/mystery projects again!

Love to hear it bringing out the inspiriation for you! Can't wait to see what you'll do with it!


  1.  You can use these tracks for games, films, youtube intros, or anything you like.
  2. These tracks are provided in .wav, .mp3, .m4a, and .ogg format and should work in any game engine, video editor or web browser.
  3. You can use these for any project, commercial or non-commercial.
  4. You can use these tracks in any version of any game engine you like.
  5. You MUST credit me/provide attribution if you use these tracks.

Hope the music helps! Many thanks for checking my work out!