A downloadable FlipSide

A game developed completely solo by me!
best part of it is by sure the soundtrack, which I spent the most time on :)

FlipSide is an isometric style game with one objective: To escape the house!
There were many more ideas that I wanted to do with this, but due to life and time constraints, it wasn't possible. The maps are bare and the inventory system doesn't work, but it's a fun little game to play.

If enough people demand it, I'll take the project further. But for now, it's just a submission for CGJ2019 and my best shot at getting the best game soundtrack award.

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Install instructions

For Windowsx64 users:

Download it, the use winrar to unpack to desktop. Go into the file and find a file called "FlipSide" and double click :D


JDSherbertCGJ2019_FlipSide_BuildVersion1.2.rar 28 MB

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