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Discoucia: The Game is based on the book series by Nicholas Lovelock. You'll be able to experience the first two Acts, with more content getting added over time. Experience a visual text adventure, made with Unity UI!

Revolution, romance and technological wonders are all in a day’s work for the decorated hero of Avalonia, Sir Arthur Pageon.

An acclaimed explorer and inventor, Sir Arthur Pageon takes his unofficial role as defender of the realm of Avalonia very seriously. A fantastical world, Avalonia is home to the Discoucian Monarchy, as well as monstrous creatures and secretive academies for the highly gifted.

Returning from his most recent exploits aboard his personal flying galleon, The Nostradamus, Pageon is treated to a hero's welcome, and celebratory procession through the streets of Avalonia’s capital, Evermore. 

Little does Pageon know he’s being followed by a mysterious group known as the Purple Guard, whose devious leader is his estranged sister, Queen Lily Pageon of Harrha Island. Fiercely intelligent, Lily specialises in dastardly technological inventions with the aim of bringing down the Discoucian Monarchy so that she may reign as its dictator. However, the heir to the throne is one Princes Josephine Oladine, whose youth and royal position masks her role in the Discoucian Secret Service.

Joining forces, Princess Josephine and Sir Arthur’s adventures will take them across the whole of Avalonia — from the fog-bound shores of Karga, to the secret underground shanty town beneath the frozen prison of Icester, south to the verdant city of Proceur and from there to the affluent Starfall Academy — in their quest to foil Lily’s revolutionary plans.

Nicholas Lovelock: 
Director, Story, Artwork, Marketing .

JDSherbert: Developer, Programmer, Sound Designer/Composer,  Version Control, Marketing/PR.

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Copyright ©2020 to Nicholas Lovelock, Team Discoucia, and Joshua "JDSherbert" Herbert.
All musical works, audio and code are Copyright ©2020 to Joshua "JDSherbert" Herbert.
"Discoucia", "Discoucia: The Game", and the "Alavonia" Universe are all trademarks of Nicholas Lovelock and Team Discoucia. 
No unauthorized reproduction or distribution is permitted of the works (Art, Narratives, Software, Music) contained within this software without prior consent from the creators.
The Discoucia Franchise, and all characters, artworks, fictional works and books are owned and licensed by Nicholas Lovelock for use in this production.
The works within are fictional, and do not necessarily represent the thoughts or opinions of Nicholas Lovelock or Team Discoucia.
All character likenesses to real persons, whether living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved.


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